The Trivial Typewriter: An Ezine Run by Myself and Some Other Guy*

02 Feb

*Also known as John Hansen, the perpetrator of The Incessant Droning of a Bored Writer and several published short stories, and that guy who got me into Teens Can Write Too! and now this.

Those of you who follow my blog and/or John’s blog loyally undoubtedly already know about Teens Can Write Too!, a site and blog chain dedicated to showing the world that, yes, teens can write. We’ve been working on spreading our influence through some hardcore publicity, mostly on John’s part, and now we have an ezine associated with the project: The Trivial Typewriter.

We’re now open to submissions and are seeking original and odd fiction by young people–primarily teens, but we’re accepting work from 12-year-old prodigies and folks in their early twenties as well. We want the kind of stuff that will surprise us and the readership–strange and entirely unexpected plot twists are our favorite.

Speaking of the readership, this isn’t one of those lame teens-for-teens magazines. Although this magazine is being put together by young people and is designed to showcase young writers’ talent, we want it to be read by all, adults and teens alike.

In addition to fiction, The Trivial Typewriter is also accepting artwork for the cover contest. We’re seeking articles pertinent to teen writing as well, but we have very strict guidelines on that, so please read those carefully on our site if you think you have something we might like to feature in the zine.

At the moment, we’re unable to offer payment, seeing as the zine will be distributed electronically for free and we’re all-but-broke teenagers ourselves. We can’t guarantee that everything will be accepted, either–but as John says, every rejection is another step closer to a publication. Submissions are now officially open and will remain so for infinity.

So what are you waiting for? Young writers and artists, be sure to check the submission guidelines and send us your work! Just a reader, or out of the age range? You should definitely considering following/subscribing for free to show your support and receive a notification when our first issue is available.


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3 responses to “The Trivial Typewriter: An Ezine Run by Myself and Some Other Guy*

  1. tomte

    February 2, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    love, love, love this!!!! I think it’s a great idea!! lots of support from me as you can tell 🙂

    well, I suppose then I will be needing to actually sit down and write the short story/novel (don’t know which yet, ha)

    when is the first edition coming out? I can’t wait! good luck!


    • Allegra Davis

      February 2, 2012 at 6:18 PM

      Thanks for your support!
      Sorry, I neglected to mention when the first edition’s coming out. We’re shooting for early to mid-May.

  2. John Hansen

    February 2, 2012 at 7:47 PM

    Thanks for posting this, Allegra! I quite like being called “some other guy”, haha. 😀


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