Frequently Made Comments on “America’s Next Top Author”

16 Aug

Now that the furor over my perhaps a bit infamous Freshly Pressed post has died down (I thought I would never stop hitting the “Approve Comment” button!), I decided I had to respond to all the commenters in some way other than the generic little Miss America acceptance speech edited into the end of the post. It wouldn’t be particularly efficient to respond to each comment individually, either–hence, Frequently Made Comments (FMCs), like FAQs, only different. Below I paraphrase some of the most frequently made comments and respond to them.

Comment: I love this post. You are smart, funny, and totally cool.

Response: Why, thank you. I’m also extremely humble, as evidenced by the way I put this at the top of the FMCs list.

C: I would watch this show, or better yet, compete! You should pitch this to some producers.

R: I’m flattered–however, I didn’t really intend for this post to simply tout my brilliant ideas for new reality shows. I wanted to make a parody of today’s entertainment standards. See next FMC for more on that. Besides, even if I did want “America’s Next Top Author” to make it to television, I’d need someone else to pitch it. I’m only 14 years old, and I’m just starting high school this fall! I haven’t even had a job at a fast food joint yet, let alone talked to entertainment bigwigs.

C: Making a reality show about writing would devalue the authors’ work.

R: I tend to agree. That’s why I wrote this (intended, anyway) double-edged satire on both the state of television and how little we as a society appreciate authors.

On the other hand, I’m also nodding along with this FMC…

C: Having a “Book Network” would be a great way to encourage a love of reading and promote literacy.

R: As long as the ludicrous spoofs I’ve suggested aren’t in the actual programming! It’s true that getting to the general un-bookish population through one of its favorite mediums–television–is ideal.

There–I think I’ve addressed the most common reader responses.

I’ve always thought that half of a post’s worth was the reader discussion that followed, so, in the true spirit of “Here’s To Us,” I’d like to highlight some of my favorite reader comments (in no particular order).

“And the Hemmies Award Show!!!” –MG

“…I think Anthony Bourdain coined the term “food porn” for reality TV foodie shows. What would irresistible book tv look like? A dude sitting at a desk quasi-comatose with bloodshot eyes and un-washed hair? He’d have to be pretty cute…” –jenasonke

 “…I especially liked the True [Books]  one. Just imagining the reincarnation of Bram Stoker unleashing a torrent of invective against the author of Twilight brings warm feelings to my heart, as Yoda might say.”–Michael

“…I would watch it faster than you can say Oprah Network…” –newsy1

“Thank you for knowing how to properly use “comprise.””–Misty

“Let me guess…the losing contestants don’t get “voted off”, but instead they get a “rejection letter?”…” –mrbricksworld

“….And I am genuinely jealous because you’re young, and I’m old; you’re a natural, and I’m a blue-collar writer; [your] bunny is cuter than my real face…”–rbs

There were many more wonderful comments, but I thought that seven was plenty to reproduce in a seperate post. I encourage you to go and see what everyone has to say.

All right, all right. I promise I’ll stop milking my triumph now. I’ll be back to books in no time at all.


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2 responses to “Frequently Made Comments on “America’s Next Top Author”

  1. Nerdygirl98

    August 17, 2011 at 6:50 PM

    You almost need two posts to cover all the comments you got! (Don’t forget mine 🙂 sorry, back to my comment) I’m looking forward to new posts, and here’s some authors whose books I’m addicted to:

    Cassandra Clare

    Alexandra Adornetto(She’s 19 I think, and published her first book when she was 13!)

    L.J. Smith

    Myra McEntire

    Maggie Stiefvater

    There’s a whole bunch of others, but with those authors, they’ll last you a year or two 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  2. Ermilia

    August 22, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    Great reply. Your post ‘America’s Next Top Author’ was grand and you deserved the high praise. Even though some people said it would devalue the author I don’t think that would necesarily be the case. Television has both positive and negative qualities. If the author was sufficiently skilled why would they be devalued? They would gain fame. The art of reading/writing would be screened and spread. It would be great publicity.


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