Happy blogoversary to you (cha-cha-cha)!

19 Jan

Well, I’ve done it again, readers: another year of blogging gone by. Two years ago today, January 19, 2009, I wrote my very first post. I can’t help but immodestly marvel at how much “Here’s To Us” as developed. For one thing, long-time readers may recall the days when this blog’s title had an exclamation point on the end. It has since been toned down to a zero-punctuation title. Also, at the beginning, this was intended to be a personal blog, a place where teens and ‘tweens could commune and support each other. That didn’t last long– now it’s a place for book-loving teens, ‘tweens, twenty-somethings, and anyone else who loves young adult books. I pretty much made the transition when, back in the early days, I wrote a post about my favorite books. That post got a lot more attention than the others, so I decided to write more bookish posts. You pretty much know what happened from there.

Now for those infamous facts and figures. 🙂 We have a total of 15, 235 hits all-time, and 11,696 hits in the past blogging year (from 1-19-2010 to 1-19-2011).  Some other statistics:

  • 237 posts total
  • 76 posts in the past year
  • 309 comments total
  • 80 comments in the past year
  • 1 page total
  • 1 page added in the past year
  • 18 categories total
  • 7 categories added in the past year
  • 927 tags total
  • 272 tags in the past year

There you have it, folks. Another year has gone by, and I’m ready for the next! Here’s to us!


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