Now to explain…

11 Jan

That last post of mine was something of an enigma around here. (Here it is, in case you missed it.) Rarely do I post an article entirely composed of humor or fiction. Never has someone else written a post here, inanimate object or otherwise. Yes, of course it was really me writing. I came up with the idea while shoveling the walk, in between singing pop songs, which I did really do. Our friend the “snow shovel” didn’t lie.

Besides the fictional and rather odd premise for “Guest Post by the Snow Shovel,” all that was said was true, including the fact that a Little Women– centric post is on the schedule for the near future. I may or may not wait until after I’ve finished reading Little Men. Either way, stay tuned, L. M. Alcott fans!

Reading has been going very slowly for me. I’m currently reading Nick of Time by Ted Bell as well as Little Men, and, while it’s an exciting adventure story, I can only manage to read a few chapters a night. Because of this slow progression and the gaps between reading books, I’ve removed the “I’m currently reading” widget from the sidebar. Instead, I’ll keep folks up-to-date with small interval posts like this.

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