Guest Post by the Snow Shovel

09 Jan

(Since Allegra refuses to post a picture of herself, I figured I should, at least.)

Hey, it’s me, the family snow shovel. I’ve been working overtime with Allegra this weekend, clearing paths in the 6-inch snow so that everyone can walk around without ruining their designer shoes. Actually, no one in the house wears designer shoes, but who wants soaked feet, label-clad or otherwise? Exactly.

Since Allegra is complaining that she’s plum tired out from shoveling (“My fingers are cold! My back aches! My hair hurts!”), I volunteered to do the posting this weekend. As you may have guessed, she does not find snow  appealing. As she’s very grown-up (or so she says), she doesn’t like sledding or ice skating. Also, she’s outgrown her snow pants. Therefore, she limits her wintertime activities to shoveling the walkways, looking for animal prints, and sitting indoors. Me, on the other hand– I can’t get enough of it! There’s no business like snow business, after all (Ha ha! Get it? Snow business, like show business, only different? [No one appreciates snow humor anymore.]).

Admittedly, shoveling isn’t all fun and games. Being manhandled by various snarly humans isn’t enjoyable. Neither is being frequently whacked to knock off excess snow. Also, working with a tone-deaf teenager who sings “California Gurls” by Katy Perry repeatedly to pass the time– in the snow, no less– is an extremely trying experience. Well, that’s an itsy-bitsy fib. Allegra regaled me with her off-key renditions of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and “Breakeven” by The Script, too.

But I digress. I promised Allegra that this post would contain a minimum of griping and some mention of books. This is a book blog she runs, after all. Being a snow shovel, I don’t do much reading. From my limited experience, however, I do know that I prefer the classics. Allegra has just finished reading one of my favorites, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It’s such a timeless story, and Allegra has immensely enjoyed it as well. She’s also watching the 1994 movie version, in which a young Christian Bale plays Laurie. The look she gives the screen when he comes on sickens me.

Uh-oh. Now Allegra’s telling me to not say too much about Little Women, because she wants to write a post about it in a week or two. I just can’t win. Over and out!


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2 responses to “Guest Post by the Snow Shovel

  1. EricDoesNotExist

    January 10, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    Ah, the 1994 Christian Bale. How my heart melts. I often get slightly annoyed at the antics of the ‘Little Women’ in general, however, I have an abiding love for Jo (who is my namesake). I love her like I love my sister (i.e. grudgingly and not very often).

    But I nonetheless concede that LW is, indeed a classic.

    And also, lovely to meet you, Snow Shovel. I must introduce you to my friend, Wonky Lamp. You’d be the best of friends, I’m sure.

    (She’s talking to inanimate objects again. Stop her!)

  2. Nerdygirl98

    August 28, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    Snow Shovel,

    You should write posts more often. I do love Breakeven, though, no matter how off key it’s sung, but I am tired of California Gurls, being a Californian. You should meet my very good friend, Duct Tape. Great post!



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