Of messy handwriting and mistakes, big and small

11 Dec

If it’s true that our handwriting reflects our personality, then I must be the biggest scatterbrain in the history of geeks everywhere.

My handwriting is simply awful. Awful! Unless I consciously control the strokes of my pencil or pen, it’s pretty hard to read. It’s sort of like my own shorthand: for example, to everyone else, my “r”s and “n”s and identical, but I can tell the difference. The “r”s bleed into the next letters, whereas “n”s stand on their own. It’s a good thing computers were invented before I had to write anything important, because otherwise, no one would be able to read my letters, homework assignments, or stories.

Sometimes it’s handy to have rather…different handwriting. For one thing, no need to buy a journal with a lock on it! No one can read the entries anyway. Also, when I’m drafting essays, stories, book reviews, etc., I can use a sort of shorthand. Often, I’ll shorten “her” to just “hr,” or “review” to “rview,” like texting lingo. My “e”s get lost even if I do write them, so it saves time and space, and the words don’t look too much different.

A sample of some of my better writing, from the notepad where I jot down homework assignments.

Of course, if people can’t read your handwriting, particularly on homework, they’ll think you made a mistake…which brings us to our second topic for today: mistakes. We learn from them. We try to avoid them. We get flushed and upset if we make a big one. Sometimes, the mistakes that seem huge at the moment may turn out to be nothing the next day. Other times, when our brain hasn’t quite caught up with our actions, we realize that we’ve done something we probably shouldn’t have.

Why am I talking about mistakes? Well, recently, I remembered that, way back in this blog’s first months of life, I hosted monthly reading challenges here. They weren’t big hits at all; only two people participated in the first, and no one did the second or third. Therefore, they were canceled, supposedly for good.  I’m starting to think that that was a mistake.

I might bring back the reading challenge, and I might not. But I’m planning to, sometime next year, introduce the ‘Here’s To Us’ trivia challenge. I don’t know much about it yet, and it might not come around for a while, but keep an eye out! Hopefully it will be a bigger hit than those reading challenges.

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