Weekly Geeks 2010-37

19 Nov

In light of the recent Daylight Savings Time (no pun intended), Weekly Geeks (  asks book bloggers about finding time for reading.

I want to know how you find that “extra hour” to read on a normal day.

Book bloggers never fail to impress me with how many books they blow through each week. Some of you amazing people even have kids and full-time jobs to compete with your favorite authors.

Do you read for a few minutes here and there?

Do you put aside certain nights or times of the day to read?

How do you minimize family interruptions?

Being the teenager of the household, no one questions me if I shut myself up in my room for a few hours to read. Family interruptions usually aren’t a problem (unless someone is feeling unusually talkative). The main problem is cutting time out of my own schedule to read and review. Actual school aside, there’s still homework, extracurricular activities, family outings, and chores to deal with. And once I get extra time, what do I do with it? 80% of the time, I read. 10% of the time, I write. 5% of the time, I listen to music (on its own– I often listen to music while reading/writing). The remaining 5% of my free time is a wild card. Sometimes, I’ll read a little more than usual.

This juggling act does get tiring, I’ll admit it. To be a book blogger, the #1 qualification is that you love reading above any other activity. If I didn’t live for books, I would have had to dump this blog ages ago.

Sometimes, the grippingness (Is that a word? Oh, well.) of the book I’m reading is also a contributing factor to how much time I spend reading. If the book is super engaging, I’m more inclined to sit down and read it than to, say, re-arrange my closet. But, if the book is boring with a capital “B,” I’ll think, Hey, my closet is a mess. I think I’ll tackle it today.

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