Bloodhound is an excellent follow-up

20 Oct

Title: Beka Cooper: Bloodhound

Author: Tamora Pierce

Pub. Date: April 2009

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

Pages: 560

Genre: Fantasy

Age Range: Young Adult

Synopsis/Teaser: Beka Cooper has been promoted from Puppy (trainee guard) to fully fledged Dog, the name given to the “police”  of Tortall, yet she seems unable to find a partner. When a dangerous counterfeiting conspiracy becomes apparent, Beka is paired with former mentor Clary Goodwin to visit the neighboring city of Port Caynn and unearth and defeat the criminals.

Review: In previous posts, I have detailed my love of Beka Cooper, Book One, Terrier. I was extremely excited to read this follow-up, as Tamora Pierce left several questions unanswered, and, more importantly, Beka is such a fantastic character that I couldn’t help but want to know what happens next. I whipped through Bloodhound much more quickly than the previous, and now cannot wait for Book Three (assuming there will be a Book Three) to come out. Oh, please, Ms. Pierce– write a Book Three!

Fans of Tamora Pierce will not be disappointed by this new series. Beka Cooper well lives up to the standard for strong female characters set by Pierce’s other works. Her journal, as chronicled in Terrier and Bloodhound, is captivating, intriguing, suspenseful, and utterly believable. The reader will learn that seemingly everyday events may be of great importance, and be excited to put together the pieces to see “who done it.” In this way, the Beka Cooper series is for not only adventure and fantasy fans, but also mystery lovers.

While Bloodhound was a satisfying sequel, I was disappointed by the lack of tie-ins from Book One. Appearances from favorite, familiar characters such as Rosto, Aniki, and Kora were virtually non-existent. I missed Beka’s connection to the Lower City of Tortall, and even the exciting new setting of Port Caynn could barely make up for that.

However, the raw, amazing talent for writing displayed throughout Bloodhound makes this a fascinating and absorbing read. If you haven’t started the Beka Cooper series yet, what are you waiting for? Experience this great new Tamora Pierce series for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Recommended for: Teen lovers of fantasy, adventure, and mystery stories; of course, if you enjoyed Book One, Terrier, this is a must-read.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 possible stars.

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