A Review Of Summer

09 Aug

Every season has its virtues. For this reason, I base my favorite and least favorite seasons decisions on the number of these good things, and how they stack up against the bad; it’s a bit like giving a book an “overall rating” at the end of a review. Now, as summer (my least favorite season) comes to a close, I will review the time of year in general.

The first good thing that comes to mind about summer is the freedom that us young people enjoy when school gets out. No homework, no tests, no teachers, no cafeteria lunches…woo-hoo! Sure, you might have summer reading, but that’s not a burden at all if you’re a bibliophile like me. Of course, this lack of structure will inevitably lead to boredom. It can take some creativity to find fun new things to do!

Second topic: the weather. It’s great to be able to stroll out the door in shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals, and those summer thunderstorms sure shake things up a bit! But on those sweltering days when you just sprawl on your bed with the fan turned on high, you might want nothing more than to be dropped in the middle of a winter wonderland. Depending on where you live, you might also be plagued by dryness, humidity, or scorching sun.

The quintessential American summer is fun-filled and packed with lemonade stands, tree-climbing, cookouts, fireworks, beach trips, and county fairs. There’s nothing wrong with any of those things and I think that they really define summer and make it  a worthwhile time of year. I try to fit all of these activities into my summer schedule, and I’ve experienced all of them except for the lemonade stand. (Want to set up a lemonade stand of your own? Check out this great lemonade recipe from the archives!)

The following complaint is really specific to my area, and any other tourist destination. The traffic around here can be horrendous as those out-of-state plates filled with swimsuit-wearing tourists pour into the region. While it can take up to ten minutes to be able to get out of our own driveway, the traffic backups just might not be the worst of it. There are locals actually living here, and they have lives too; we aren’t just costumed interpreters placed here for tourists’ entertainment. Unfortunately, many tourists don’t seem to realize this. (Okay, rant’s over…)

In conclusion, summer is still one of my least favorite seasons, but is not overly bad. I just can’t wait for the beautiful foliage, cool, clear weather, and fresh apple pies that autumn will bring. And that’s not even mentioning Halloween… 🙂

Photo from here. Thank you!

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