Thoughts upon finishing Inkdeath

26 Jul

Remember this post, in which I said that I was torn between finishing reading Cornelia Funke’s “Inkheart Trilogy” and just moving on? Well, finally, I decided to read Inkdeath. Overall, I’m glad I did, even if it took up a lot of valuable reading time.

I enjoyed Inkdeath, but I had trouble recalling all of the events of the previous two books, which made Inkdeath hard to understand at spots. At last, my pet peeve against summerizing previous books in a series turns on me! The “A-Z of the Inkworld” (a sort of glossary) at the end of the book helped some with this. Other positives include the various character narratives throughout the book, and the good but subtle description of the Inkworld.

I was also struck with how dark Inkdeath was compared to its predecessors. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!) Dustfinger’s various and sundry deaths and resurrections put readers’ moods through the motions. The hints at even Mo’s unescapable demise made me quite gloomy. (End spoilers.) While Inkdeath was probably intended for the ages 8-12 audience, I would recommend it for a slightly older group (12 and up, perhaps?)

Now the question comes up: what will Cornelia Funke write next? She has penned her “Inkheart Trilogy” to the end, and has published various other fantasies for young readers. I hope that Funke sticks to this general genre, but it would be interesting to see her experiment a bit.

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One response to “Thoughts upon finishing Inkdeath

  1. Dominique

    July 30, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    Hi Allegra!
    Congratulations upon your sucess at the fair!
    I read Inkdeath a few months ago ( I think, I loose track of when I read books easily) and I enjoyed it.


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