A Dream Within A Dream III

17 Apr

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve finally had a dream worthy of posting in my “A Dream Within A Dream” series! The dream itself is between the asterisks. Read on…


I’m on an adventure of some sort with a girl I don’t recognize. We’re swimming in a very long pool filled with a mix of pool toys and live sea creatures. Eventually we reach the end. We climb out and find a large, ominous-looking door facing us. We open the door and step inside.

Instantly, a few people in futuristic outfits leap at us and put us in handcuffs. We’re led into a huge room filled with creatures chained like us, or in cages or tanks. I’m shackled to the wall next to an over-friendly satyr and my companion. The odd people wander off.

I look around and see lots of animals, both mythical and everyday. A mammoth bison is bucking in a corner, making the floor shake. A baby dragon wanders in its little cage directly across from me. On the other side of the satyr on my left, a writhing hydra is jammed in an undersized tank. Several box turtles wander about freely.

My companion is ready for action. “We have to get out of here,” she says. “We just have to wait for a good diversion.” As if in reply, the hydra in the tank bursts free and roars, breathing fire and dripping slime.

“Come on!” my companion cries. The satyr eagerly helps us break our shackles and we run for an exit. I slow as the people who caught us enter the room to round-up the hydra.

“What are you doing?” my companion demands. “Let’s go!’

“We’ll just be caught again,” I whisper dismally. My companion grabs my arm and drags me the door that we entered from.

But we’re not back on the edge of the long swimming pool. We’re in a sleek office, complete with a humming PC and filled file cabinets. Unperturbed, my companion drags me out of the door. Another room, set up like a nature museum, greets us.

So we rush onwards, the sounds of the angry hydra fading behind us, our heavy breathing and pounding feet replacing it.


So that was how the dream ended: running through the ever-changing rooms. Pretty exciting!

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