A Dream Within A Dream II

08 Jan

Firstly, my apologies. It’s been more than a week since I last posted, and this Tuesday I neglected to change my “Fact of the Week” and “Quote of the Week” widgets. I needed to take a little break from blogging, un-plug myself, you know. But now I’m ready to continue!

Anyways, this installation in the “A Dream Within A Dream” series features a dream I had the other night. The asterisks mark the beginning and the end of the dream description.


I’m digging around in my ultra-messy room, looking for something, urgently. On my desk, I come across a book I vaguely recognize. Upon closer inspection, I can see it’s from the local library— and way overdue. I, Allegra, who has always been very careful about these things, has forgot to return a book? I almost pass out from shock. What if I forgot any others?

I start going through my room with renewed energy and find library books in my drawers, more on my desk, in my magazine containers, in my closet, on my bookshelves…There are at least fifteen collected when I’m finished, some from years past. I know the fine will be sky high. I get all of my saved-up money together and prepare to break the news…


There you have it. Extremely odd, that. I’ve never forgot to return a book (except maybe once or twice). Many of the books in my dream were real, but some my weirdo brain made up. Any thoughts?

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One response to “A Dream Within A Dream II

  1. Caroline

    January 11, 2010 at 12:06 AM

    Wow, that is weird. Dreams can be pretty creepy sometimes. I get some really unusaul dreams that I don’t know why they came to my brain. Just random things or doings apper while I sleep!!!



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