Read “Here’s To Us” From The Comfort of Your E-mail Inbox!

15 Dec

New feature announcement! I should have done this a little while ago, because this great new blog feature is hidden in a humble, undecorative sidebar widget. Here’s the announcement itself, sales pitch style…

Do you wish there was a way to read this blog without having to battle your way through the wilds of the Internet? Now you can read “Here’s To Us” from the comfort of your e-mail inbox! Just head on over to the widget in the sidebar  titled “Subscribe To This Blog.” Once you enter your e-mail address (or simply click the button if you happen to be logged in to a account), you’ll receive unabridged versions of my posts by e-mail. These messages include the post title, content (with any pictures), author name and avatar, time posted, post category, post tags, and a link to post a comment. You can decide whether to receive immediate updates, or daily or weekly digests. Enjoy!

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Posted by on December 15, 2009 in Thoughts and Announcements


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