Weekly Geeks 2009-44

09 Dec

It’s time for another Weekly Geeks post! This week, the team asks us some questions about our reading habits and reading process. Here is my general answer, all mushed together…

Most of the books I read come from the little local library, which is close enough to easily walk to in fair weather. Once I get settled in the tiny young adult section, my reading decisions are largely based on the little synopsis most books provide on the back or in the front jacket flap. I used to be an all-fantasy-all-the-time girl, but I’ve broadened my horizons considerably. If I’m in the mood to write a review for this blog, I’ll choose something fairly recently published.

Once I’ve brought the books safely home, I’ll set them aside until I find time to read. I don’t do anything special during reading. But after I’ve finished, I’ll think about the story for a few minutes, then, to remind myself to write a review (if I’m going to, for that book), I’ll hop on the computer, title the review and start it, then save a draft until I’m fully ready to write.

Other than writing a book review, there might be a few things I do before I declare my reading  experience officially through, but it depends. I kinda-sorta keep a “reading journal” where I write the titles of books I’ve read and record my thoughts on them, but it’s use is on and off. About 50% of the time I’ll ignore the dismal little composition book sitting on my desk. I briefly used GoodReads to keep track of my reading and connect with other bookworms, but that account went to ruin. It’s been sitting, unused, since about June. Book blogging has been sufficient for me. However, I’m looking into taking up that account again, or perhaps re-joining altogether. Start with a clean slate. I’ll think about it.

After I’ve finished all of those aforementioned gyrations, the book is ready to go back to the library. Occasionally the book will go into my bookshelf, if I’ve bought it, but  for the sake of saving money, I like to get books from the library system. The only time I buy books is when I have a bookstore gift card, which is usually around the holidays, as they are popular gifts for me. What to get for the girl who loves reading, but likes picking her own books? There you go. 🙂

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