Digital animation brings “A Christmas Carol” to life

15 Nov

This is the first movie review I’ve ever written, so it’ll be pretty informal. I should have done this while the movie was fresh in my mind, but, like many others, I am a procrastinator. Also, before I continue this “review”, I’d like to announce that Here’s To Us has received more than 3,000 hits! Thanks to all who have visited!

The recent film “A Christmas Carol” uses digital animation in the style of “The Polar Express”. The technology has improved tremendously, especially in making human-like eyes. The digital animation also makes the numerous ghosts much more cool (and creepy!) than they would be with old-style animation or puppeteering.

The movie stays very close to Charles Dicken’s original novel. In fact, I noticed that many of the lines were taken directly from the book. This also means that the Victorian English dialect and tone would make understanding the movie hard for younger children. Kids under ten, from my judgement, will be bored at first…and then terrified as the ghost of Jacob Marley appears. Even though the movie is only rated PG, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I often had to glance away from the screen to reassure myself I was just in a mundane movie theater.

Continuing on this point, I think the moviemakers put too much focus on the scary aspect of the story, and not enough on the uplifting warmth it is ment to convey. Some spectral scenes were added or embellished, pumping up the audience’s adrenaline and “grossing us out” in equal parts.

However, the ending made me feel all warm and fuzzy and Christmas-ey. A beautiful, original song (what was it called? I believe it was something like “God Bless Us Everyone”…) was played with the closing credits. While the movie is caught halfway between Halloween and Christmas, I think it’s worth it for children ages 10 and up. It’s not too late to see it! God bless us, everyone!

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars.

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