Another winner from the author of the Discworld series

10 Nov

nation coverNation by Terry Pratchett

Copyright 2008, HarperCollins

367 pages, YA fantasy

Mau is a member of the Nation, a strong, proud island country, and is about to receive manhood. Then the great wave comes, and everyone is killed but Mau. Also an effect of the wave, an English ship crashes on the Nation, bringing Daphne, who is only 138 deaths away from being the royal princess. As more survivors arrive, Mau and Daphne must overcome their differences and work to keep both themselves and the refugees, as well as a sense of the Nation, alive.

Before I dive into the actual review, please allow me to apologize for the lack of post in the past weeks. I’m afraid I have the classic excuse: busyness! I’ve also had a wicked persisting headache, so I’ve been in no mood to stare at a throbbing computer screen for any length of time. I promise I’ll try to work harder at keeping my post updates frequent. On with the review, then.

I’m experiencing some doubt over whether I put this book in the correct genre as fantasy, but I think it’s the right one, since this story’s set in a parallel universe. Or would that classify it as science fiction? Sci-fi just doesn’t feel right, though, so I’ll stick with my decision.

To get the little negatives over with: There was a slight slowness of action, though there were quite a few fast-paced, nerve-wracking scenes. Overall, that’s not much of a problem. Also, there was my pet peeve: instant negativity. It threw me off, but I kept going, and I was rewarded. What a fabulous story!

I thoroughly enjoyed the switching of narrative between Mau and Daphne. Such colorful characters! It was a great to experience parts of the story from two points of view. The development of the characters and watching them discover themselves was just fabulous. I must read more by Terry Pratchett! Any recommendations?

Rating: 4/5 stars.


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