Happy Columbus Day!

13 Oct

A happy holiday weekend to all! I was in Maine for the weekend, hence the absence of posts, but I’ll relate all of my adventures here.

We left for Maine on Friday and encountered ghastly traffic, so our journey was extended an extra four hours or so. My mother and I held “car school” (as opposed to home school), and we read some poetry and quizzed each other on facts. We were driving long into the night, and when we finally got out of the car, my legs were so stiff I had trouble walking!

The next morning, in the cabin, I woke up freezing, as our only heat source is a primitive wood stove. My dad soon got a roaring fire going while my mom made pancakes. After going to the local supermarket to get our groceries, we headed off to go apple picking at a nearby orchard. We bought a ton of you-pick Macintosh, Cortland, Jona-Gold, and Snow apples, as well as a dozen homemade cider doughnuts. Yummy! On the way home from the orchard, we stopped at a used book place, where I rescued two Where’s Waldo? books, two Nancy Drew Mysteries, and a collections of humourous epitaphs from old graveyards for $1 each. That night I puzzled over Waldo for hours. To our mixed delight and horror, we discovered that our thought-to-be-minimal mouse population had grown as mice brazenly scampered across the floor. I had a bit of trouble sleeping that night.

On Sunday, our final full day, we went to some national and state parks in the area, viewing magnificent caves and waterfalls. One of the hikes we took was steep and rocky the whole way with occasional footbridges crossing little brooks. About half-way up, I had to stop for a rest, huffing and puffing as I quite truthfully said, “I certainly want to believe that this is the end of trail!” On the way back down, we met a huge porcupine, who lumbered off away from us. After our excursions in nature, we went to a shop that mainly sold wares from local craftspeople, in which I finished up my Christmas shopping. Much to my-and my taste bud’s- delight the cashier gave me a free sample of the homemade fudge they were selling.

Unfortunately, this was the last time we’ll be going to Maine this year–The cabin certainly isn’t equipped for the harsh winter weather. But on the way home yesterday I saw a rainbow out the car window; Likely a harbinger of good things to come.

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