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01 Sep

Yes, folks, it’s another book review! What else would it be? 😉


the foretelling coverThe Foretelling by Alice Hoffman

Copyright 2005, Little, Brown, and Company

167 pages, young adult fantasy

Rain is born into a tribe of fierce Amazon sisters; into a culture where men are scorned and horses and bears are kin. Rain is the daughter of the Queen, who was assaulted by fifty foreign men who left her for the dead. Rain was named for sadness, has the gift of the prophecy, and is the Queen-to-be.

But Rain’s hostile mother seems to hate her, never even looking at her. Rain worries that the Queen might choose a different heir. When she meets a boy from a group of nomads and makes friends with two female slaves who were left behind after a foreign raid, she questions her way of life, the war-life of Amazonia. She wonders about the forbidden things among her sisters: Love, mercy, men, and peace.

Aloce Hoffman has a beautiful, lyrical prose and an accurate eye for the human condition. The story itself seems lacking; However, opinions will vary strongly from person to person. The Foretelling is worth a try, at least just for the poetry-like language used.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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