Review: The Riddles of Epsilon

28 Aug

It’s time for another book review! 🙂


The Riddles of Epsilon by Christine Morton-Shaw

Copyright 2005, HarperCollins

14-year-old Jessica White is far from happy when she moves to Lume, a the riddles of epsilon coverremote island off the coast of England. As her parents dive into remodeling the old house, Jess discovers an abandoned cottage on the property. Inside the cottage is a supernatural presence known as Epsilon who, through a series of clues and antique documents, educates her about an ancient evil threatening Lume. The documents seem to have been written by Sebastian Wren, a boy who lived in the 19th century and whose life events are strangely mirrored by hers. Sebastian, too, was working with Epsilon.

As the evil grows stronger and Jess’s time to stop it grows shorter, Jess’s mother becomes influenced by the dark force, making her act in a way that makes her seem hypnotized, or possessed. Jess learns that she must find a certain relic that will help the darkness but, given to Epsilon and the One he serves will bring blessings upon the land of Lume. But she is starting to doubt that epsilon is really a creature of light.

Dark, suspenseful, with a few laughs thrown in, this book will have reader’s hearts racing as they attempt to solve the riddles ahead of the characters. The Riddles of Epsilon is a gem, not to be ignored among Twilight and Harry Potter.However, one key flaw in the writing sometimes forms a hitch in the flow of the story: Some solutions to problems seem to come too easily, without hindrance, and events are not put into proportion. For example, in one instance, Jess makes it across the island, on foot, when evil is at it’s height, without trouble (and in what seems, by the description, to be less than an hour).

Rating: 4 stars.

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