The Epic Battle of the Aisles

27 Aug

This post is a little late; It should have been published yesterday, when the events of the Battle of the Aisles were fresh in my mind. Anyway, readers, yes, I did mean to spell that “aisles”, not “isles”. You see, at my home, we not-so-affectionately refer to grocery shopping as “battle in the aisles”, but I thought I’d change it up a bit…

Recently I’ve been going grocery shopping with my mom, on the pretense that practice makes perfect, and eventually I’ll have to do it myself. For some reason I’ve always liked grocery shopping; when I was very young I used to play with those plastic grocery sets for hours upon end. But, what child didn’t do that? Well, now that I’m on this new kick, I’ve been taking the list in hand and finding the items in the shelves myself. But, the catch is the fact that the grocery stores are always crowded with tourists and locals alike in the summer. Luckily I don’t steer the cart, because if I did, I’d surely end up knocking over nearly every display trying to avoid other folks.

From trying to find fresh fruit among the bruised and battered produce to reaching up to the top shelf for that cereal that’s on sale, I’ve learned that gorcery shopping is something to be dealt with. And, of course, when the yogurt container I happened to pick up was dripping the thick goo, I wondered whether it was easier to be a hunter-gatherer.

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