Review: Heaven Eyes

23 Aug

Yesterday I finished reading Heaven Eyes while waiting for some batteries to charge. 🙂 It was a quick yet very powerful read. Here’s the review…


Heaven Eyes by David Almond

Copyright 2000, Delacorte Press

Erin Law and her friends January Carr and Mouse Gullane live in a home for heaven eyes cover“damaged” (orphaned children) with many others like them. Erin and January plan to run away from the orphanage, which isn’t hard ~ They’ve done it many times before. But this scheme is different, for they are serious about getting their freedom: They’ll sail away down the river on a raft made of old doors. They Erin and January pack there meager belongings and slip out, noticed but unhindered, and get down to the treacherous river. Mouse tags along and insists on coming, despite January’s discouragement. As the three friends cut the raft from it’s tether, a magical journey of discovery begins.

Screaming with terror and exhilaration, the children are swept away from the orphanage by the strong current. They run aground on the Black Middens, an expanse of rotting oil and mud that can have a quicksand-like effect. Getting to more solid ground, Erin, January, and Mouse meet Heaven Eyes, a strange girl who can see beyond the dreary, everyday world to the Paradise that lies beneath.

A beautifully told, moving tale that will leave the reader feelling enlightened and uplifted, Heaven Eyes is another fabulous story from the acclaimed author David Almond. Although sometimes events and feeling seem unclear and unbelievable, things can flow perfectly with a bit of imagination.

Rating: 4 stars

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