Review: The Tiger’s Egg

19 Aug

Okey-dokey, readers, I’ve finally finished The Tiger’s Egg so that I can enjoy those new library books! Here’s my review for the book.


The Wednesday Tales: The Tiger’s Egg by Jon Berkeley

Copyright 2007, HarperCollins

11-year-old Miles Wednesday is happy to join the Circus Bolsillo, which ithe tiger's egg covers owned by his good friends Umor, Gila, and Fabio Bolsillo, who were friends of his late father and mother. But when the bumbling clairvoyant Dr. Tau-Tau tells Miles that his father may still be alive, he insists that they go off at once and search. Running away from the circus they call home, Tau-Tau and Miles began in the surrounding area. After just a few hours, they are captured by a tribe of small, furry people known as the Fir Bolg. Fir Bolg authorities inform Miles that his dead mother had borrowed from them a magical talisman called the Tiger’s Egg, which contains the soul of a tiger and gives the owner complete control over that animal. Now Miles must find the egg and return it before the Fir Bolg decide to end the matter violently.

Miles knew absolutely nothing about the Egg, and his impromto search for his father turns into his making frantic inquiries after the gem’s whereabouts. Miles and his angel friend Little work after the egg, following lead after lead. Will they ever find it? And what about Miles’s allledgedly dead father?

The sequel to The Palace of Laughter, The Tiger’s Eggdoesn’t have as much action and the first and seems to shout out “number two”. The sound foundation, interesting characters, and a splattering of humor make up for that in part, though.

Rating: 3 stars.

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