Giving the Local Library Some Business

18 Aug

I just realized today, after a visit to my little local library, that I haven’t had a full-fledged trip there in some time. While nosing around in the young adult section, which I had previously considered fully read, I found quite a few fantasy (and other genre) books that looked good, and that I hadn’t read yet. I’ve also started visiting the libraries in neighboring towns.  I now have a fairly large “To Be Taken Out” pile in my mind. Amazingly, I’m getting very interested in genres other than fantasy. 😉 For almost the whole year, I’ve been on an anti-library streak, only reading books that I’d purchased. I’m trying to get off that now. To celebrate this development, I though I’d list the four books I got. Unfortunately, the library limit is four books taken out at a time…

  1. Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan: Apparently this book was written by a girl about my age! I thought I’d read it to encourage by dream to become a writer. Also, I’m trying to expand my reading interests to encompass genres I normally would have snubbed; this one’s an animal fantasy.
  2. The Riddles of Epsilon by Christine Morton-Shaw: Seems like a perfectly chilling read. I suppose I could have waited til Halloween and read it as a toast to the season, but it just looked to good to wait. If you had a free slice of cake plopped in front of you, would you wait for a more appropriate season to eat it?
  3. Heaven Eyes by David Almond: It seems like Mr. Almond is a very highly acclaimed author! The library had quite  a selection of his works. This one looked like a good one to start on, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia by Cindy Pon: Pretty cover, intriguing teaser, interesting subject, and it’s your favorite genre ~ What more could a reader want? This one just jumped out at me from the shelf.


I can’t wait to dig in!

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