Review: Breaking Dawn

14 Aug

Yes, readers, I finally finished the Twilight Saga. And what can I say? It was amazing! I’m king of sad that I tore through them so quickly; I realize now I should have just slowed down andsavored it. Oh, well, there’s always the option of re-reading! Maybe I could also read The Host, another of Stephenie Meyer’s books. Oh, before I forget, I’d love to thank all of my friends and readers who convinced me to read the Saga. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would have missed out on A LOT.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Copyright 2008, Little, Brown, and Company

Bella Swan is more than a little nervous about her upcoming wedding to the breaking dawn covervampire Edward Cullen, but she knows that after they’re married, she’ll be turned into a vampire and will be able to spend eternity with him; Edward has also promised that they’ll try to have a realhoneymoon. After the wedding, which went smoothly enough, the two are off to the Cullen’s private Brazilian island, where they plan to spend the rest of the summer before possibly going to college. But the honeymoon comes to an abrupt halt when Bella realizes she is pregnant.

Edward rushes Bella home where the Cullen family tries to convince her to let Carlisle, Edward’s adoptive father and a doctor, take the half-vampire child out of her before it tears her apart, inside out, with it’s strength and thirst for blood. Bella cares too much about her “little nudger” to have it killed before it can live. Is it possible for Bella to survive having a half-vampire child? And what will it become if it survives?

The phenomenal finale to the hit teen series, Breaking Dawn will surely satisfy the reader’s thirst for romance and action alike. Don’t be daunted by the novel’s size; Every word is worth it!

Rating: 4.5 stars.

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