What’s Free Today?

24 Jul

Have you ever looked in the classified section of your local newspaper just for entertainment? It’s become a habit of mine to, after I finish the comics, take a peek in the “Items for FREE” column. Although I’m not interested in picking anything up (and the tiny print is a bit squinty), it’s always fun. Here’s a sampling of typical items for free, from today’s newspaper.

  1. Bedliner: Free
  2. Bedroom set: two sofas, end tables, chair. Free
  3. Camper-top: Camper top for small truck, free for pickup
  4. Cat: FREE mature cat for seniors 60+, special from shelter w/ free food and litter.
  5. Chair: free Lazyboy reclining chair beige color
  6. Children’s fort: w/ ramp & slide, wooden. You must remove
  7. Coffee table: 3 foot square with glass top brass legs. Free.
  8. Floor lamp: yieldhouse dark oak with book compartment
  9. Folding cot: good condition FREE
  10. Hot water heater: 80 gallon electric hot water heater, you take away.
  11. Oil tank: 275 gallon oil tank, empty. You take away
  12. Sofa: 83″ French Provincial green tapestry sofa. FREE for pickup
  13. Sofa & chair: Sealy, red. FREE – take it away
  14. Trampoline: 14-ft. dia. trampoline w/ safety net. You pick up.
  15. Water filtration system: Water Soft, balances PH, activating charcoal system. FREE.

Usually there are some really good ones, but this batch wasn’t so bad. Who would want a beige recliner (#5)? I can see why they’re giving it away. Anyway, seen any good freebies lately?

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One response to “What’s Free Today?

  1. Amanda

    July 25, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    OH! A trampoline!


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