Fair Enough

18 Jul

As mentioned by an earlier post, the local fair’s opening night was yesterday. It was crowded as usual, but just as fun as ever. Although the midway is the main attraction for most people, the agricultural and horticultural exhibits are a family favorite. Every year, we all enter a couple things in to the exhibition; This year my dad entered his peas (for second place), my mom entered arugula (an honorable mention of a lovely chartreuse hue) and homemade bread from scratch, which took Best in Show for baking! Congrats, Mom! I entered a lot more than usual: Three flower arrangements, trail mix, a place setting and menu, a poster, and a drawing ~ They all took (sorry if this sounds like bragging) first with the exception of one flower arrangement, which won Best in Show, and the poster, which was a second place. I’m super excited because there are $CASH$ prizes!

As always, the animals were invariably adorable, especially the baby chicks and lambs! Watching the sheep wander around “talking” to each other was awesome –They all have different sounding voices, so it sounds just like a conversation. Once we got into the midway/food area, we of course encountered the inevitable sulky teenagers who can’t look up from Twitter for half a second, but we tried not to let that ruin the fun. We treated ourselves to frozen treats, kettle corn, and fried dough for food, since there’s no such thing as “healthy” at the fair. At last, when our stomachs had settled enough, my dad and I went to the ticket booth and got ready to brave the rides. my mom decided to only accompany us onto the tame Ferris wheel so that she could see the whole lit-up fair grounds from above. My dad and I, however, went on the “super coaster” (I was screaming like a toddler 😳 ), the giant spinning swing thingy ( I’m not sure what else to call it), which is my favorite, and the “Scrambler”, which I got squished on because we forgot to put my dad on the outside so that the extreme force wouldn’t throw him against me. Fun stuff!

By the end of the night, though, we were all ready to leave. As always, I am quite excited for next year’s fair! Now I need to ponder what new rides I should try next year…


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2 responses to “Fair Enough

  1. frenchymms

    July 20, 2009 at 11:56 PM

    Wow Allegra, nice job with the entries and ribbons! I used to enter things in the fair but they never had cash prizes. So unfair! 🙂 I love the animals and that’s about it. It’s hard to convince my friends to go with me because all I want to do is hang around the barns and not many people want to do that! Plus it’s quite a hike from Yarmouth with all that fair traffic just to look at animals.

  2. Granny Barb

    July 21, 2009 at 4:09 AM

    Hi Allegra, Congrats on all of the prizes..The fair is always great!!
    Flower art was always one of my favorites.
    I’ll bet your Dad has told you all of the stories from his flower days in Poway.
    Your Uncle Tom had chickens too. He also had a not so nice rooster. We were not too sad when he left this world.
    Hugs, Granny Barb


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