Happy Independence Day!

05 Jul

Happy Independence Day, readers (although I admit that it’s a bit belated)! For those of you who live in or near The United States, you’ll know that July 4th is the day our independence was won from Great Britain.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a family cookout at my second cousin’s house (he’s my mom’s cousin, so I just call him my uncle). They have a pool, and I got to swim and hang out with a few other girls my age.  After the long wait for the hamburgers and hot dogs to come off the grill, we all set down to eating and talking. The girls I’d met earlier went to sit with their side of the family, and I drifted off to my mom and my grandma’s sister. The best part was the cake at the end: A vanilla pound cake decorated with cream, raspberries, and blueberries so that it looked like the American flag. It’s a classic, of course.

When my parents and I got home, we had some fun outside with Sparklers. Those are certainly a treat for the Fourth. We watched some bats fly about, catching bugs. Who needs television with that kind of thing around?

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