A New “Lawn Ornament”

03 Jul

Last night, after my dad and I let the chickens out of their coop, we were tossing around a foot ball when–Okay, back up. I just wanted to explain that our “football” is a 12-year-old Nerf ball that has a humongous gash in its side, hence the large amounts of Duct tape wrapped around it. God forbid we get a new one.

Anyway, we were tossing around aforementioned Nerf ball when we decided to see how many times we could pass the ball to each other, throwing it over a maybe 30-foot-tall tree in our yard. It all worked out fine until it was my turn to throw, at which point it got caught in a convenient hand-shaped branch that was more than halfway up the tree. With my mom scolding us, saying “You know, there are bird nests in that tree!”, my dad attempted to get the offending ball down. Eventually, my dad came out of the shed with one of those telescoping “Aqua-Brooms” that are usually used to clean pools and porches. I cracked up, and settling down in the bed of my dad’s truck to watch the show, said, “This is better than what any sitcom writer could come up with!”

My dad gallantly attempted to retrieve the ball with the broom, to no avail. He got frustrated, and he hurled the broom like a javelin at the football, knocking the ball down but firmly lodging the broom in its place. He turned to my mom with a wry smile and said, ‘Does that look any better?” As I ran, screaming with laughter, into the bathroom, he allegedly got the broom down without having to call the fire department.

On a final note, although this has nothing to do with Nerf balls caught in trees, be sure to check out the current Here’s To Us reading challenge!

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