Back From Maine ~ and Ready For Summer

27 Jun

I’m back from Maine and ready to continue blogging — And ready for summer vacation at home! The trip to Maine was good enough, except for the fact that it rained all week. Read on, and all will be revealed…

The long car ride up to Maine was mostly uneventful. When we stopped at a visitor’s center in NH and had lunch, we went into the refreshments center and got candy bars (a rare treat in this household), only to find that our family favorite, the vintage Sky Bar, had gone from the machine. A small disappointment, but it did little to dent our high spirits.

When we arrived at our cabin in Maine, we were greeted by a large amount of rain, fog, and clouds hanging over the pond. The dock was under a couple feet of water, and I couldn’t get out to it without wearing my dad’s chest waders; The waders are highly unfashionable green rubber overalls with rainboots attached. They looked hilarious on me, seeing as they are meant for a grown man. Anyway, once we went into the cabin itself, everything was fine, and I got right down to reading.

The next day, the weather was still yucky. More reading ensued, until I finally broke and turned on the ancient television. It doesn’t have a remote control, and the actual screen is about 6″ by 10″. It only gets three channells: The news, the news, and some random reality channell. The news wasn’t coming through, so I watched about 10 seconds of the other and turned it off in disgust: It was a take-off of Judge Judy called Judge Joe Brown (Justice…Honor…JOE). I watched the movie E.T. instead.

The next day it was still raining, and my mom was desperate to get out of “the hovel”. She took me to the local flea market again, and I purchased a few little things, as well as two cheap books that were still in great condition. After the flea market, we went back home, and guess what I did: more reading. A few days of reading, shopping, and wading to the dock came into the vacation.

One rainy day, we drove into North Conway, NH to do a little shopping and to eat at a restaurant. We went to a second-hand bookstore that took hand-me-downs from big stores and sold them for a low price. I bought two books: A School For Sorcery and City of Masks.We went to a little shop that sold sauces and preserves and a bought a few items for gift-giving. After that, we drove to one of our favorite restaurants and ate.

The last full day we were in Maine, the sun finally came out. My dad bought a cord of firewood that we all had to chop, haul, and stack neatly into the wood pile. Uphill, downhill, lifting, stacking…It was harder than it seems. After we were nearly finished with that, my dad took care of the rest while my mom painted the lawn chairs and I doodled around in the pond.

The ride home was pretty boring, since my MP3 player ran out of battery with one hour to go. I sat and watched the rain come down. Just as we were about to enter my home region, sideways lightning lit up the sky, and thunder crashed. That made it a bit more interesting!

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