What’s That Bright Thing In The Sky?

14 Jun

For more than a week, it’s been either raining, misting, or cloudy. The plants were getting moldy, and our moods were down. Then after a rainy morning today, a round, shiny object appeared in the sky…
Yes, readers, you got it, we’ve had so much lousy weather that we almost forgot what the sun looked like around here! Even this rain really didn’t last 40 days and 40 nights, it sure felt like it. Hey, Noah, can you build us an ark? 😀 And although the weather was so beautiful I could hardly believe it, I, typically Allegra, wanted to be either reading a book or hanging out on the computer. My mom and dad eventually dragged me out and I helped Dad load brush for a trip to the dump. After the old sticks and leaves had filled up the bed of our pick-up truck, my dad had me climb up on top of it and stomp it down. I was really scared at first, becoming worried that every teetering step would hurl me to my death. But seriously, do you think that a 5-foot drop on to springy grass and some loose dirt would hurt you AT ALL?

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One response to “What’s That Bright Thing In The Sky?

  1. frenchymms

    June 15, 2009 at 11:23 PM

    I’m with you- that week of dismal weather was just about killing me. The only good thing about weather like in June is that it’s easier to keep you kids occupied in school because no one wants to be outside! My garden is fed up with the moisture and just wants some SUN to BLOOM and GROW!


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