Gee, Hope This Works…

28 May

Readers, how many times have you been to Disney World or another Disney park? Was it a total disaster, or was it as fantabulous as described in the ads? Well, I’ve been to Disney World once, and I probably will never go again.

I was a lot younger than I am now, actually about third grade. The whole thing started as a chaotic brouhaha, and pretty much stayed that way. We were only going to the “Magic Kingdom”, so if you’ve been to these parks, you’ll know how boring that can get. Only a few rides over and over and over again…….for two whole days. Anyway, we were staying at this hotel there that had a computer-shaped pool and a giant keyboard with all the buttons. The first day wasn’t so awesome, with crowds and problems and complaints. On the way back to the hotel (we were all exhausted), my mom stopped in front of the keyboard for a moment, went over to the over-sized Esc. button, and energetically hopped on it, shouting, “Escape! Escape! Escape!”

Haha… 😆 Even thinking of it now makes me chuckle. It has become a big family joke, and whenever we’re with friends and relatives, either my father or I always asks, “Have we told you the story of the escape button yet?”


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2 responses to “Gee, Hope This Works…

  1. puppydogs123

    May 29, 2009 at 11:49 PM

    That sounds really cool! Did the buttons trigger anything?

    I know this is kinda’ off-topic but I need your help, there is a question that I need to ask you. How do you insert polls into your blog?

  2. Allegra

    May 30, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    puppydogs123: No, unfortunately, the buttons did not trigger anything. Just a prop. Anyway, to answer you question: Once you create your poll (assuming you’ve already done that), go to “Polls: Edit Polls”. Find the poll you want, and hover over it. You should see an option called HTML. Click on that, and copy and paste the “Shortcode” into a text widget.


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