Two New Blogging Fads: Right Here, Right Now!

14 May

As suggested by the post title, I have discovered two brand new fads that are going around the blogesphere: “25 Random things About Me” and “Name-Verbing”. Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we? (Album title from The Cranberries) 🙂 .Don’t feel left out of the fun; feel free to post your own of these if you want!


Fad #1: 25 Random Things About Me, Allegra

1. I have a minuscule scar on my nose from when I was a baby: I fell out of my stroller.

2. Even though I’m commonly know as a neat pick, my room is a mess.

3. I have at least 10 different colors of nail polish, but I never paint my nails.

4. I come close to tears when I get a grade less than a B+.

5.  I have only read one realistic fiction book that I liked, and that was Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

6. I really have trouble doing word searches.

7. Once when I was playing in my yard, I looked down and saw a huge four-leaf clover!

8. I don’t like using textbooks that don’t have stretchy book covers on them.

9. I must admit that I am rather pessimistic.

10.  One of my favorite foods is spinach.

11. I’ve only had four Christmases that I wasn’t sick for.

12. My closest friend is my cousin—she lives far away.

13. I’m always begging my parents to take me to the bookstore.

14. Whenever I visit the woods, I feel as though I’ve come home after a long vacation.

15. When I has younger, I ate so many home-grown raspberries that I got sick.

16.I secretly enjoy playing hard songs on the piano.

17. I’m very interested in everything to do with plants: Gardening, botany, apothecary, wort-cunning, etc.

18. My favorite color is purple, but I wish everything about my room was green, blue, and brown.

19. I love playing around with digital photo editing programs.

20. I space out about 50 times a day.

21. I’ve started writing exactly 8 novels, and I’ve given up on all but one.

22.I’m teaching myself to type without looking–in fact, I’m doing it right now!

23. The infamous 12-year-molars are currently forcing their way into my mouth–Ouch!

24. My left ankle is extremely weak.

25. I have a pen-pal (well, e-mail pal) from Romania.


Fad #2: Name-Verbing

Allegra-verb: To draw, especially with colored pencils.


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3 responses to “Two New Blogging Fads: Right Here, Right Now!

  1. Clarice

    May 15, 2009 at 6:55 PM

    25 things about me :
    1. Im addicted to jellybeans
    2. I used to be afraid of elavators (but i am afraid of the school one)
    3.I have a scar on me knee because a pebble went into it when i fell
    4. i get hyper EASILY
    5. I love wearing black socks
    6. If icould make an island it would be : Nike Island or Eyelind Island
    7. I love Ticonderoga pencils
    8.I love music
    9. I used to live in Falmouth
    10. I hate bugs except ladybugs
    11. My shoe size is different with all types of shoes
    12. 😀 i like to smile
    13. I like to make people laugh :DDDDD
    14. My Grade in math is a B but thats because i got a C on my test but i will bring up my grade
    15. I’d rather be at school then have weekends all the time
    16. I love looking at other peoples blogs
    17. I can type without looking
    18. I learned how to use a computer when i was 3
    19. I have a computer in my bedroom and the computer room and we have 3 spare laptops
    20. I have over 397 friends
    21. I love meeting new people
    22. 😀 i love making smily faces on the computer
    23. I get amused easily
    24. I wear glasses
    25. I get bored easily

    Thats pretty much it

  2. Dominique

    May 16, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    Hi Allegra!
    Cool post! I knew some of those things but most were new. I am like you, if I get anything less than an A- I will be reduced to tears. I could also get sick on those raspberries in your yard from eating too much, they are so good!
    p.s. How did you get a email pal from Romania?

  3. Allegra

    May 16, 2009 at 6:10 PM

    Dominique: To get an e-mail pal, you can simply go to and sign up, then an “ad” is placed on the site for people visiting to see displaying your first name name, interests, and other optional information. Once signed up, you can safely e-mail others who have ads up, or you can wait for someone to e-mail you.
    Also, regarding your question on the post “Project Library”, I stayed up all last night to finish The Last Olympian and enjoyed in thoroughly. I am now going to find a new book to read, change the widget, and write a post about my late experiences. Thanks! 😀


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