Happy Mother’s Day

10 May

A happy Mother’s Day to one and all! I hope that everyone made their mother’s lives easier today…. I’m not sure if I really did but I tried! I suppose washing the car for a few cents is better then nothing. My dad, of course, got the annual chocolates and a card. I used a store-bought card (ho-hum), but made a bunch of little “coupons” and “gift cards” for things like chores and argument free days.I’m just glad Mom has managed to have a decent day so far.

For supper tonight, my mom gets to pick what we’re having, as part of the tradition. However, the selection was lobster rolls; lobster is one of the only foods in the world I absolutely CANNOT stand. I consider myself very lucky that my mom is heating up last night’s left-overs for me. Usually, in a situation like this, I’d be eating cereal (one bowl a day is quite enough, in my opinion). 

Also on the subject of Mother’s Day, Google has created a very simple and sweet banner for the occasion. I encourage you to check it out! 😀

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