Project Library

03 May

Several of my readers know that I have a much cherished “library” in my room and that this library contains over 200 painstakingly sorted books of all genres. Since I confess that I have completely dumped my other blog, Fairy Lace and Library Paste, I decided I would have to shift my bookish side back to this blog. I don’t mind this at all; Actually I think it is a better idea to condense my interests as suggested  by Sharry on my post 500 Hits! Anyways, back to the topic…

A while ago I decided that I wanted to really make my bookshelf into a library and began purchasing books like crazy. Then my books, new and old, were sorted and began being catalogued and stamped with my name at roughly the same time–Well, that just didn’t work out so I, discouraged, quit that completely.

Now, I have begun to take this on in a more organized and leisurely manner: I’ve decided to cataloug books at my own pace and just stamp the books when somebody takes them out. I believe that this will make my life much easier.

Also on the topic of books, I have placed a new (hand-made) widget at the bottom of my sidebar that says “I am currently reading..” and shows the book jacket. I will try to remember to change the cover when necessary, but feel free to remind me if a certain jacket seems to have been up WAY to long. 🙂

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One response to “Project Library

  1. Dominique

    May 16, 2009 at 2:16 PM

    Hi Allegra!
    Your currently reading the Last Olympian? How do you like it? I just finished reading it about a week ago. I am sad that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is finished though.


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