An Energetic Ping-Pong Game

18 Mar

Today was P.E. again, and we again played floor hockey, but the more interesting feature of gym class today was the game of ping-pong played between my friend, another girl, a boy, and myself. My friend and I made one team, and the others a second team. Taking rather beat-up paddles in hand, we started the game. The game started out civil enough: nicely hitting the ball back and forth, apologizing when necessary, etc. But that’s not very fun, is it? 😉 The girl on the other team accidentally-on-purpose hit the ball way over our heads, and that started it. We played quite energetically, hitting the balls about 80 times harder than we should have, and making outrageous serves. It really was fun…unfortunately, we hit the ball halfway across the gym one time too many, and our gym instructor told us to ‘please play on the table, girls!’ That was that, but it was fun while it lasted!

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